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Beverly Hills Alcoholism Treatment Program

Beverly Hills Alcoholism Treatment Program

Beverly Hills is often presented as a perfect paradise and, in many ways, it is. However, even those living in paradise are not free from the pangs of addiction. Alcoholism is rife in the city, which is what makes the services we provide at our Beverly Hills, CA rehab center so important.

As one of the leading Beverly Hills alcohol use treatment centers, 90210 Recovery offers the finest addiction counseling in the city. Our unsurpassed treatment programs strive to tackle not just the addiction itself, but its very cause. By addressing the problem at its root in this manner, we have earned some of the highest recovery rates of any Beverly Hills alcoholism treatment program. If you're struggling with alcohol dependency, our clinic will help you get back on your feet.

Our Alcoholism Treatment Program

So how do we successfully eradicate the cause of an addiction? The answer varies from case to case. Unlike some other Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation centers, we recognize that every patient moves at their own pace. As such, our addiction professionals will craft a unique treatment plan to guide you on the road to recovery.

In order to create such a plan, we will first put you through an evaluation to determine your physical and mental condition upon admittance. Following this, you will be assigned a licensed professional who will work with you throughout your stay. Together, patients and professionals will work through numerous medical, psychological, and holistic treatments to ensure healing on all levels.

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatments

Some Beverly Hills alcoholism treatment programs expect their residents to quit alcohol cold turkey. This is an incredibly irresponsible approach and one that is often ineffective in the long run.

Our leading addiction specialists know that alcohol withdrawal is a very real problem. To combat the effects of alcohol withdrawal on your body, we utilize a combination of medication and meditation. This brings peace during the often challenging detox period and gives patients a firm foundation for the road ahead.


We strive to provide the most rounded addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills. This means we don't simply disconnect from our patients once they leave the center. Recovery is a never-ending battle, which is why we promise never-ending support. Your care worker will remain in contact with you to provide second to none counseling and keep you on track.

We understand addiction can cause issues in one's personal life. For that reason, we'll happily help you arrange relationship counseling sessions to mend fences with those you hurt when you were controlled by your demons. We'll also aid you in securing representation for any legal issues you may be facing as a result of your addiction.

Contact Us

At 90210 Recovery, we take great pride in helping the people of California overcome their addictions and take back their lives.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol dependency, you can contact one of our Beverly Hills alcohol use therapists on 844-462-8751. Alternatively, you can speak to an addiction treatment specialist through and schedule a consultation via email. However you choose to reach out, we commend you for your bravery. The road to recovery begins now.



Beverly Hills Alcoholism Treatment Program
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Beverly Hills Alcoholism Treatment Program