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California Eye Specialists Glendora

California Eye Specialists Glendora

Lasik Eye Center is the place you want to be when you’re suffering from eye-related problems. Through our cutting-edge laser-based technology, we solve nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and many other issues. The California eye specialists in Glendora bring you the best eye treatments in the industry at much lower prices than the competition.

How much do Lasik interventions cost?

Despite anyone’s expectations, it’s not as expensive to receive such a surgical intervention. We offer much more affordable packages than our competition, the reason for this being that we work directly with the patient. Others will recommend other specialists and optometrists for a fee between 20 to 40%. We provide the whole spectrum of diagnostics and treatments you would normally receive from a series of specialists.

Our clinic has everything it needs to provide a perfected and extensive treatment plan for all ocular issues. Depending on your issue, its severity, and the treatment you require, the costs will vary. Therefore, we’d better communicate the prices during the free consultation, after we know exactly what problem you have. Beforehand, we encourage you to research our procedures and track record. Being knowledgeable and educated about your options will provide countless benefits in the long run.

Keratoconus is treatable

While keratoconus has no cure at the moment, we can treat its effects efficiently, eventually granting you better vision. This degenerative disease manifests in the following way – the cornea slowly becomes cone-shaped, and this affects the light entering your eye. In the end, your vision becomes distorted and weak.

However, the California eye specialists in Glendora that our centers rely on have found various solutions to this ailing. They are:

  • Contact lenses – for the early-stage of keratoconus. We provide custom-made hard contact lenses that will slow down the progression of the disease
  • Intacs corneal inserts – we insert polymer C-shaped rings into the cornea, improving the vision substantially
  • Corneal crosslinking – a cutting-edge method where we enhance the corneal tissue with vitamin B (riboflavin)

Efficient removal of a pterygium

Pterygium manifests through a benign growth in your conjunctiva (the white part of your eye), which spreads in the cornea. The primary cause that leads to this ailing is intense exposure to UV light, dust, or wind. If the pterygium extends further into the cornea, your vision could become partially or totally impaired.

Fortunately, we have the perfect treatment plans for you if you suffer from pterygium. Through lubricant eye drops, steroid drops, or ointments, we can prevent this disease from impairing your vision. As a last resort, we can proceed with surgery where we eradicate the benign growth.

How often should you check your eyes?

Generally, most experts agree that you should check your eyes at least every one to two years. If you’re experiencing vision problems because of nearsightedness or farsightedness, come to the best California eye specialists in Glendora.

With our three decades of expertise in the field, we’ve successfully treated more than 200.000 patients so far. The Lasik Eye Center centers on rigorous diagnostics, scientific treatments, and cutting-edge technology to care for its patients.

California Eye Specialists Glendora
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California Eye Specialists Glendora