Drug Addiction Rehab Az

Drug Addiction Rehab Az

Treat Programs For Drug Addiction In AZ

There are many types of treatment programs for people struggling with drug addiction in AZ. However, picking the best type of treatment program is a personal decision that an individual has to make. Whether you choose to leave at a treatment center or you attend treatment from home, you can overcome your addiction if you conscientiously follow your treatment program. Here are some treatment options to consider:

1) Residential Treatment Program

This type of treatment program requires getting away from family, friends, work, and school to a safe and secure place with professionals who will care for you during detox and help you deal with physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that will arise in the course of treatment. The health team usually has a treatment plan that involves counseling including individual and group therapy.

Residential treatments could either be long-term or short-term. Long-term residential treatment provides a 24-hour daily care for patients. The treatment usually takes in non-hospital settings for about 6-12 months. The program focuses on resocializing patients, helping them to develop personal accountability and responsibility so that they can live a more socially productive life.

Short-Term Residential programs, On the other hand, provides intensive treatment based on a 12-step approach. The treatment spans a period of about 3- to 6-weeks after which the patient will leave the residential setting and begin to engage in outpatient treatment programs to reduce the risk of a relapse.

2) Outpatient Treatment Programs

Another common treatment program for drug addiction in AZ is the outpatient treatment program which often cost less than residential or inpatient treatment.

The services offered in outpatient programs vary in types and intensity. One major component of this type of treatment program is group counseling.

It is especially suitable for people who cannot take a lengthy absence from school or work and those with extensive social support. So instead of living at a recovery center, you can attend treatment during the day or in the evenings. If you, however, feel that living at home will tempt you to resume use, this type of treatment program may not be effective.

3) Group Counseling

Group therapy helps people struggling with drug addiction in AZ to share their experiences through peer discussion. When group therapy is offered alongside individualized drug counseling, positive results are achieved. People who participate in group drug counseling are helped to see that they can overcome their addiction and live a drug-free lifestyle.

4) Individualized Drug Counseling

This type of treatment program focuses on decreasing and stopping the use of illicit drugs. Individuals battling drug addiction in AZ often find it difficult to keep their jobs and study in school. So individual drug counseling addresses areas of impaired functioning such as family/social relations, academic performance, employment status and illegal activities. This program helps patients to not only abstain from drug use but also develop coping strategies and maintain abstinence.

Drug addiction harms you both physically and psychologically.

If you are struggling with drug addiction, it is advisable to seek a drug addiction rehad today. 


Drug Addiction Rehab Az

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Drug Addiction Rehab Az

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