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Drug Treatment Fort Worth

Drug Treatment Fort Worth

For reliable drug treatment in Fort Worth, we recommend contacting Ascendus Behavioral Health immediately. We can effectively cope with any substance addiction, helping people regain their mental and emotional stability and independence. Our recovery programs include:

  • Medication management – Our team relies on targeted medication to help patients manage their co-occurring disorders, contain their cravings, and find relief from psychological issues like anxiety, depression, harmful thoughts, etc. We rely on customizable clinical approaches and patient-oriented medication to offer long-term assistance during our outpatient program. This approach will help you remain sober and more stable over time as you work on rebuilding your life after rehab.
  • Behavioral therapies – These therapies are critical tools for behavioral stability and healthy functioning. We rely on cognitive-behavioral interventions to address harmful behavioral tendencies and counter negative thinking. As a result, you will succeed in adopting a more positive and optimistic view of life, giving you new strengths to pursue your recovery goals long-term.
  • Motivational enhancement therapy – Most recovering addicts need continuous assistance and guidance to make sense of the world around them post-rehab. Our motivational enhancement therapy helps patients get a better job, improve their financial status, and adopt a healthy daily living routine, far away from addiction’s downfalls.
  • Family systems therapy – Experience has taught us that supportive family members can play a decisive role in a patient’s struggle for sobriety and recovery. Your family’s involvement in the rehabilitation process is an invaluable asset for your mental and emotional health long-term. Your loved ones will provide you with moral support, guidance, and a shoulder to rely on both during and after our drug treatment in Fort Worth. For this reason, our family systems therapy involves our patients’ families in the recovery process for outstanding long-term benefits.
  • Community resources – Our goal is to help you understand that you are not alone. Our outpatient rehab program will place you in a community network involving support groups and healthcare professionals ready to assist and guide you every step of the way. You will be able to interact and bond with other people fighting the same battles as you for a new perspective on sobriety and healthy living.
  • Substance use and abuse education – We teach patients about the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social effects of prolonged drug and alcohol addiction. This will help you understand its internal mechanisms, allowing you to grasp the ideal methods of self-protection. Long-term, our educational system offers patients the opportunity to expand their knowledge on relapse prevention, social triggers, and sobriety management over the years.
  • 12-step groups – 12-step group meetings are core components of our long-term recovery and aftercare services. Our drug treatment in Fort Worth, relies on 12-step meetings to promote social reintegration, faith-based healing, and sustainable long-term sobriety.

Come online to check our rehabilitation programs at Ascendus Behavioral Health, make an appointment, and we’ll take it from there! You can talk to a rehab professional to discuss your insurance options and ask for details about our rehab approach, treatments, and vision.

Drug Treatment Fort Worth
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Drug Treatment Fort Worth
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Drug Treatment Fort Worth