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Group Homes For The Developmentally Disabled

When you come to visit Stonebrook group homes for the developmentally disabled, you are immediately impressed by how nice they are. Our seven houses really do feel like home, with comfortable bedrooms, spacious shared rooms and family style kitchens. You will feel good about admitting your loved one to any of our coed or single gender homes.

Everyone born is different. Some people are born with amazing intellectual capacity, others not so much. Some people have developmental disabilities that make it necessary for them to live in a supervised situation for the whole of their lives. Parents certainly love their adult children, but taking care of the day to day needs of a developmentally challenged adult can be a full time occupation. If you are the parent of a grown child with severe emotional or intellectual limitations, Stonebrook group homes for the developmentally disabled may provide you with the respite you need. Do not feel ashamed to admit that caring for your beloved adult child is simply too much to deal with. You deserve a life, too. You can feel good about leaving your loved one in our care. We promise to attend to their needs in a kind and patient manner.

At Stonebrook group homes for the developmentally disabled, we make accommodations for people with various emotional and intellectual disabilities and a diagnosis of I/DD and/or mental illness, serious behavior issues or seizure disorders. Our homes are comfortable, clean and stimulating. We prepare and serve balanced meals that are tasty and appropriate. We can and do accommodate special dietary needs when required. Please don't worry about how to pay for your adult child's housing and costs. The West Virginia Waiver program can pay for their housing and care. When you are ready to know more about Stonebrook group homes, give us a call.
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Group Homes For The Developmentally Disabled