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Senior Rehab Ames

Senior Rehab Ames

Senior people's age factor urges the need for more intensive care, especially after they have endured injuries occurring from a fall, cardiovascular event, or a stroke. Your stay at a senior rehab depends upon your health condition, recovery process to return to normal life, and being able to perform normal day-to-day tasks.

Ames Iowa assisted living center is designed with all equipment resources, facilities to take care of patients in an environment that is safe, secure, and provides the best therapies for the patient under professionals who work effortlessly and give their immense time to help patients which is likely impossible in a home.

For best living assisted facilities in Ames IA, at our Northridge village, you can get the best and most successful senior rehab program as we have adequate resources, tools, and skilled experts to meet your loved one's needs.

Overview Of Our Services For Senior Rehab In Ames:

Independent Living:

Our independent living program is designed for seniors who wish to live their life the way they want without others interfering. While maintaining their privacy and freedom this program frees them from the stress of worry about food, hygiene, and utilities. It's the best plan for senior citizens to have a private, relaxing, and comfortable life at our facility where we offer semi-private and private rooms. Our staff constantly supervise them and meet their needs regarding food, hygiene, dressing, electricity, and much more. We have other facilities which patients can cherish without another meddling in between such as spa, community center, the library where they can enjoy quality time. For emergency purposes, we provide them with options. We are just one button far.

Assisted Living:

To assist the entire day with daily routine activities our assisted living program is best. You can enjoy some privacy, comfort level, luxurious facilities and private room with our ehab premises. The difference between our assisted living program and independent living is that in our assisted living program there is always one attendant available to address patient needs. Our dedicated and committed staff is always around the clock helping and assisting patients.

Short-term Rehab:

Our short-term rehab program is created intensively and holistically. In this, after determining patient health conditions we provide them with different therapies such as occupational, physical, and speech therapy. These therapies are in addition to the help we provide them with daily needs. These therapies result in quick and speedy recovery so that they can return to a normal and healthy life as soon as possible. So effective, reliable, and long-lasting effects of therapies and for best Ames Iowa assisted living facilities reach us.

Long-term Care:

Long-term care gives patients an enjoyable and relaxing time at our rehab for a long period. They can spend their years at a rehab they give them home-like feel, respect, dignity, help regarding activities that they can't accomplish on their own. An inspiring, positive, and pleasant environment waiting to welcome you.

Choosing a senior living in Ames IA that provides absolute care for your elders is a challenging task. Whether you're looking for a long-term care provider or temporary services after an injury, you need to do proper research and explore options. For living communities in Ames IA, we provide outstanding service. Our therapies are available 5 days a week and the type of therapy proposed depends upon the patient's health needs. We make customized plans to fulfill individual different needs.

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Senior Rehab Ames